Great Idea

Great Idea

Postby HC. » Wed Oct 11, 2017 4:08 pm

Another forward-thinking, socially aware policy.

Anders, have you any experience of the company in your neck of the woods? ... s-41579842
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Re: Great Idea

Postby anders » Wed Oct 11, 2017 5:08 pm

No direct experience of them HC, other than to notice that their prices have crept up (which may of course simply indicate that others' prices - the smaller newer energy companies that is - are also as low as they feasibly can get them without subsidy), and to notice that Derbyshire, their neighbouring county, are now planning on doing the same thing. That wouldn't in itself suggest that it's a cost-neutral venture for councils or even that they think they can offer good pricing and make a little to help with other social care type budgets, since Derbyshire council are traditionally left-leaning and might be inclined to do it even if Notts' experience had suggested it's not a great commercial enterprise for them to have gotten involved in!
But assuming it can be done cost-neutrally as a public service, and that the 'public service' part of that doesn't result in higher overheads meaning they become not the cheapest energy available for people, then it's a spot-on thing to be doing.

I'm interested to see how this goes , running a public-service energy company in a market where private companies are doing the same thing, to see if that competition makes the public one/s keep their costs tight and so their prices low. Great if it does, as that could be a model for other things going forwards - mixed private & public in competition, to achieve a downward pressure on the public offering's prices.
(Whereas socially-aware public employment would incur some higher costs of operation, can they keep it comparable to or less than the private sector's which have their own overheads of shareholders or ambitious owners?).

As a slight tangent I was involved years ago in a private-sector bank's takeover of the pretty-much-public-sector Girobank and saw the state-influenced Girobank operation at very close quarters over a long period and in a lot of detail. It's why I'm interested in this prospect of a public ownership organisation having competition to make them keep their eyes on the prizes enough to remain sufficiently efficient and not become slow, unresponsive, and take on unnecessary overheads that reduce the performance and up the cost to the customer.

...dream on...
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