Glorious failure

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Postby Jambojim52 » Tue Oct 10, 2017 2:28 pm

anders wrote:Some of the players he left out was prob the right decision if you look at 'are they playing regularly for their clubs?', but then he includes players who aren't playing regularly....etc etc.
I have sympathy with the difficult choice - you can either play someone new who's playing v well and has greater potential but is untried in this company, or someone not playing as well but who's done it at this level before, and whichever choice you make is only wrong after the game. But he's the manager and is paid to get it right.
Late flurry of better results might keep him in the job, but that happened before did it not? Two 4th place finishes and one 3rd iirc - that's worse than Vogts. Having said that, those were different squads and different opposition so that kind of results-based comparison is misleading.
Strachan doesn't tend to be sacked, he tends to walk before it happens so maybe he'll do that again and take the decision from the SFA.

Why not put some of the older hands on and change things around half time?Get the older hands to run them ragged and bring on fast fit young guys and they should stroll it.
I am not sure of their names but there are at least two Aberdeen players ( you know the team equal top of the league ) who have not been called ,then he puts Forrest and Teirney on the same wing and then Teirney on the right ( on his own ) He plays left back for Celtic does he not?
Anya on that wing from the start. Then Snodgrass on for Philips playing two up with Griffiths and then any useless c&*^ instead of Bannan, who ran around like a headless chicken. Maybe even put McGinn on instead. That would have been my starting line up.
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Re: Glorious failure

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