Ongoing hosting and costs for Jnet

Re: Ongoing hosting and costs for Jnet

Postby anders » Mon Jul 10, 2017 9:06 pm

HC. wrote:
anders wrote:
HC. wrote:
Jambojim52 wrote:HC. It it's idiot proof then I am up for trying it. As For a Hibby running the site I don't think you come under that heading as you have been a great contributer over the years ;)

Anders, I have seen too many fall foul of the social media fiasco that is facebook. Infact I do have an account. My son was working in Honk Kong for a few months some years ago, and I joined to follow him there. Now I have no use for it, and I am still inundated with friends requests and login prompts to the point of driving me mad.
Who the feck wants to have me as a friend? :twisted: The whole premise is stupid and I won't use it. It is linked to an almost defunct google account and my phone gets at least two messages a day requesting I log in to facebook! Like I said I am not savy enough to dump facebook or the google account off my phone and when I am anywhere I could get someone to do it I forget I have to sort it ( old age )

Ps I would prefer the site stayed as it is thanks.

If Brian is still willing to migrate it (and find us a host) then we can do the rest.

As for running it - I won't be - I'm a Hibby. Will however help you with it if you need help. I'm sure Andres would too.

Yes I'm sure that Andres, that pal of the dyslexic hibby, would.
As would I - Anders ;)
With the caveat that I can't always. I've been monitoring my time since this came up to see if in fact I'd be able to look after it much more than I first thought, but tbh it's shown me that it prob would be a prob a fair chunk of the time. Willing to help tho.

It won't take any looking after if Brian is able to source and migrate. There are about four or five max who post regularly.

Now "Max". Who who who is MAX?? You've got a posse of imaginary friends woman!!! :roll: :roll:

...dream on...
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Re: Ongoing hosting and costs for Jnet

Postby HC. » Tue Jul 11, 2017 8:00 pm

Anyway - it's been almost six weeks since Brian asked us for a quick response - something we provided quickly, as requested.

Let's just get this dealt with - it's been dragging on for way too long.

The situation as I see it, is this: those who post would like to see it continue. For it to do so, we are asking for Brian to find a host and to migrate it. Thereafter, it's up to us to pay it and maintain it.

Let's move on this one. Over to Brian.
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