Hearts v Annan (Petrofac training cup)

Re: Hearts v Annan (Petrofac training cup)

Postby Briza » Tue Jul 29, 2014 3:00 pm

Fuck sake that lass ken's nothing, going on about them pumping out 'smoke', lets be clear, a steam engine puts out steam, white steam, not white smoke. Diesels put out carcinogenic acrid black smoke that causes lung cancer. Yes there's a degree of carbonated smoke from a coal powered steam engine but it's far from damaging in comparison to a 'dirty' diesel ;)

:roll: :P

Hatt orders the trains to do everything from hauling freight to carrying passengers to running whatever random errand he wants done, whenever he wants it done – regardless of their pre-existing schedules.

I think she has issues with authority, or employers, or something ;)
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